Advisor to Seller

Active Capital Company, owner of textile care and logistics company CleanLease, has acquired rival provider Lips+.

The market in which Lips+ and CleanLease operate is characterized by many players and has been very competitive for years. This results in low margins and consequently limited space to invest structurally in innovation and innovation. The combination of both companies will create a strong nationally operating company in textile care and logistics.

Theo Lantinga, CEO CleanLease, sees important advantages in the combination of CleanLease and Lips+. “We see an ever-increasing professionalization and cooperation with our clients. They are looking for partners who can contribute to continuous quality improvement and optimization of costs along the entire chain. The combination of CleanLease and Lips+ is more strongly positioned for that.”

Eduard Molkenboer, CEO Lips+, also endorses the advantages of the combination. “The market has a strong need for change. More innovation is needed, both for sustainability and labor. This requires that investments can be made. By bringing together the knowledge, skills and synergies of Lips+ and CleanLease, we are going to enable investments and we will be able to continue to provide our customers with the best support.”

Hemingway Corporate Finance acted as exclusive financial advisor to Lips+.