Advisor to Seller

Dutch construction company Adriaan van Erk Groep has been acquired by domestic sector partner KlokHolding.

The Adriaan van Erk Group consists of, Adriaan van Erk Bouw, Rehorst Bouw, Slavenburg Bouw, Adriaan van Erk Timmerfabriek and Adriaan van Erk Ontwikkeling. KlokHolding has also acquired all land development rights of the Group, representing a total of around 4,500 homes with major positions in Amsterdam, Leiden, Amstelveen and Weesp, among others. These positions will be developed in the foreseeable future or are already under development.

Piet van der Helm former CEO of the Adriaan van Erk Group explains: “To ensure the continuity of our organization, we and founder Jos van Erk asked Hemingway Corporate Finance to find a buyer that matched our culture, values ​​and standards. We also looked for synergy benefits, such as innovative power and sustainability ambitions. At KlokHolding we have found the whole package.

“Our name and the jobs of our 160 employees will be retained,” Van der Helm continues.

KlokHolding’s annual plans stated that the organization wanted to grow to a turnover of EUR 500m in the coming years. With the acquisition of the Adriaan van de Erk Group, this ambition is more than fulfilled. Last year, the turnover of construction company Adriaan van de Erk Group rose to almost EUR 200m and KlokHolding expects to reach a turnover of approximately EUR 400m this year.

With the scale achieved, general manager Ton van de Klok expects to be able to respond better to the many rapid changes in the market. “With the Adriaan van Erk Group, we are not only taking over a wonderful family business, but above all also craftsmanship and knowledge. We also get full coverage in the regions in which we like to be active. We are therefore very pleased with this expansion of the Klok family.”