Advisor to Seller

Scheybeeck Investments obtained a 35% stake in the company Consolid from Amsterdam. With substantial resources, experience, expertise and sustainable commitment Scheybeeck plans to grow Consolid not only autonomously but also through acquisitions. Arian Mortier and Dennis Mortier will continue to manage the company.

Consolid is one of the bigger specialized outsourcing companies within the transport and security sector in the Netherlands. About 4000 specialized people work daily in passenger and freight transport, rail transport, automotive and in the security sector. Consolid has 10 branches.

Dennis Mortier, Director Consolid:” Through the cooperation with Scheybeeck we strengthened our financial position which helps us realize our growth ambitions. Scale is important to keep up with the big outsourcing companies”.

We chose for a cooperation with Consolid because the professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit of the brothers Mortier, says Peter Roosjen, Director Scheybeek Investments. “This investment fits perfectly within our vision of participating in companies with a strong market position. We want to give distinctive entrepreneurial companies the chance to grow”.

About Consolid
Consolid is a specialized outsourcing company within the transport and security sector. From the beginning in 1990 the focus has been at delivering specialized employees. Consolid has 10 branches with more than 200 employees in the Netherlands mediating temporary employees for companies in the transport and security sector.

About Scheybeeck
Scheybeeck is an independent family investment company that participates in strong niche companies.

Hemingway Corporate Finance acted as exclusive financial advisor to Consolid.